The sound of accordion - a summary of my work

I have been playing accordion professionally in various contexts since 2001. I am freelancing as well as being member of with different groups, projects and contellations. I have performed at festivals, culture/music/concert halls and private parties, cafées, churches etc, in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Canada, South Korea and Cuba

I write tunes and songs for different bands and occasions. I also take on jobs as a composer. 


Petra Haraldson & Camilla Åström (2014-)
Centralstationen (2012-)
Camilla Åström & Kompanjonerna (2011-)
Midvintervaka (2011-)
Trio Phantasm (2011-)
Karavaj (2008-)
Kaja (2005-)
Gothenburg Yiddish Orchestra (2004-) 

Lecheburre (2011-2013)
Utmarkerna (2011-2013)
Kultiration (2003-2008)
Cabo 8 (2006-2008)
Duo Inca (2004-2006)
Zimmes (2003-2006)
Eslabon perdido (2003-2005)
Sore Harmonics (2008-2009) 


Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg,
Music teachers programme with World music as a main subject, 2002-2005

Brunnsviks folkhögskola, Motala musikpedagoglinje

Skinnskattebergs folkhögskola, Musikarbetarlinjen 2000-2001

Kaja. Photo: Peter Lloyd